Honeywell and NASA

FMA Live!

FMA Live! Cast & Stage Show
FMA Live! Stage Show

Named after Sir Isaac Newton's second law (FORCE = MASS x ACCELERATION), FMA Live! brings science to life for students through an engaging, in-school, hip-hop concert experience.

An award-winning STEM education campaign that reached nearly half a million students at 1,200+ middle schools in the U.S. and Canada.

FMA Live! Demonstration
FMA Live! Student Demonstration

The 15-year in-school STEM program had the perfect formula for connecting science to students' everyday lives through original music, videos and online activities.

FMA Live! Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball
FMA Live! Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball
FMA Live! Sumo Suits
FMA Live! Sumo Suits
FMA Live! Cast
FMA Live! Cast

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