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The Rise of Experiential Marketing

Families playing with Hot Wheels id cars and interactive app

In an age where ever-present screens dictate social interaction, consumers crave personalization, transparency, and experiences, and so, we happily say - welcome to the rise of experiential marketing! With 74% of Americans prioritizing experiences over products (Expedia, 2018), companies and brands are dedicating marketing funds to producing pop-up events and experiences meant to tangibly impact consumers where they work, play, and live. Experiential marketing is not a novelty expense or a publicity stunt, it's essential.

The past has led us to this moment. Once upon a time, radio, television and print ads drove marketing strategies. But, as the internet became a part of everyone's daily lives, consumerism (and marketing to consumers) changed drastically and brought us to a time when experiential marketing is key to producing successful product launches and brand campaigns. With the discovery of goods and services just a few keyboard clicks away, the consumer is still missing the hands-on interaction that allows them to taste, feel, and fully immerse themselves in a brand - enter experiential marketing.

Consumers want products, goods, and services that they can experience, that are authentic, high quality, and recommended by someone they believe in or trust. The value of personal interaction resonates through social media channels with likes and shares, but also in sales, with 85% of consumers stating they are more likely to purchase after participating in an event and/or experience (Event Marketer, 2018). A successful experiential marketing campaign breaks free of online noise and distractions - bringing meaningful dialogue back to where it all began: face to face.

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