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Nickelodeon Engages Influencers as Official Nick Jr. Parental Team

Kids watching Nick Jr. UK with Instagram “kidfluencers”

Four Instagram influencers with 80K+ followers combined, Faye Gooding, Hattie Harrison, Lorna of Mum to Messy Boys and Nigel of Not So Funny Dads, will share content creation duties for the Nick Jr. UK social channel as well as produce original content on their own sites consistent with the mega-brand’s messaging. We’ve got some heart eyes for this savvy strategy. Nickelodeon’s play to expand social reach through parent influencer relationships builds upon the successful programming model they tested by partnering with “kidfluencers” such as Jojo Siwa and Ryan Kaji from Ryan ToysReviews.

Each adult influencer will host takeovers of posts and stories to give followers a glimpse into their personal experiences of parenting and impart some tips and tricks along the way. As Francesca Thomas, director of marketing at Nickelodeon said, “One of our goals at Nick Jr. is to connect with parents in an authentic, down to earth way. Our Nick Jr. Parents are a fantastic extension of the preschool brand, championing our values and most importantly creating content that is adventurous and playful, whilst resonating with our audience’s everyday lives.”

As peer recommendations through social channels have a major impact on product purchase and consumption for millennials between the ages of 22 and 38, the Nick Jr. Parents initiative looks likely to drive engagement in a way that feels honest and meaningful. We have a feeling this experiment will travel across the pond to more widespread American channels soon, but luckily for us, we can devour this real and relatable content right here, right now…https://www.instagram.com/nickjr.uk/?hl=en

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