How Kids and Caregivers Measure Success of a Family-Friendly Event

Kids and caregivers enjoying a family-friendly event with SpongeBob costume characters

Research suggests that purchases driven by millennials favor experiences over possessions which has brands turning to family friendly activations to expand their reach and loyalty. But how do you build a successful event for youth and adults? You look at some key factors through the eyes of the caregivers AND their kids.



What caregivers want: Clear educational or emotional incentive tied into a visually appealing and interactive event delivered to them via social channels or word of mouth

  • Some things to consider: How clean and cohesive is your marketing? What opportunities does your event provide for social, intellectual, or emotional development?

What kids want: Cohesive storytelling during the event that offers an exciting adventure and exposure to beloved characters or brands

  • Questions to ask: Does your event have a clear beginning, middle, and end? What characters or products will kids connect with or emulate?



What caregivers want: A relaxed logistical flow that is intuitive, safe, easily accessible, and highly organized

  • Some things to consider: Is the reservation and check-in process seamless? Are there authority figures (i.e. security, EMTs) present and visible?

What kids want: A positive playground that compounds imaginative energy to transport them somewhere new and unexpected 

  • Questions to ask: Does the scope of the event feel tailored to the age of the target audience? Does event staff engage and encourage the younger event attendants?



What caregivers want: An ebb and flow of physical, artistic, and socially shareable digital components with a mix of interactive and self-guided opportunities

  • Some things to consider: Does your event offer hands on activities that everyone, regardless of physical capabilities, can participate in? Does your event balance adrenaline-fueled thrills with opportunities of quiet and calm?

What kids want: Elements of wonder, discovery, thrill, and competition that leads to self-success

  • Questions to ask: Do your event activities promote competition and teamwork? Do you have at least one activity that has “Wow Factor”?



What caregivers want: A curated experience that entertains and delights their kids with shareable moments to share with family and friends

  • Some things to consider: How has your event factored in time management so that guests can experience all the available activities? Are staff members designated to capture digital memories for guests?

What kids want: A chance to have fun, feel special, and bring home a physical reminder of their adventure

  • Questions to ask: What kind of physical takeaways are you giving participants? How are you promoting the brand and furthering engagement beyond your event?
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