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A Taste of Something Sweet

May 27, 2022

As self-proclaimed bibliophiles, Oasis was thrilled to be asked by HarperCollins to create a special moment for book fans at book festivals across the U.S., with the “Treat Your Shelves” tour. 

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Fueling Connection: Online Experiential Marketing Trends

Aug 11, 2020

In 2020's edition of the dog days of summer, the weather isn't the only force of nature bringing the heat. The human spirit (particularly in the business world) radiates positivity, perseverance, and persistence to push boundaries and adapt to new surroundings. The service industry aches to keep serving, and brands seek to meet people where they are: at home and online. Experiential events haven't gone extinct. They've evolved. Want to get in on those trends with your brand? Read on.

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Bringing Digital Experiences to Life for Kids and Families

Jul 10, 2020

Digital experiences are a part of our everyday lives, regardless of your age, it's common to spend at least a few moments of your day engaging with a screen. As experts in building out family-friendly activations, we often ask ourselves, how do we take an everyday activity and bring it to life in a new way for consumers to experience?

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How Agencies Become Brand Masters

Jun 10, 2020

When the world presses pause, it gives us all more time to think about what it means to play. Creativity, kindness, positivity, innovative and agile solutions guide us all in an uncertain time, but the keystone to moving forward is trust. As you imagine, re-imagine or solidify your expectations and goals, it's important to assess the level of trust you've placed (or will place) in an agency that has pledged to meet your needs. We think the following criteria will determine if your marketing agency has what it takes to become your brand master.

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How Financial Literacy Programs Can Add Up

May 19, 2020

The past months have been unnerving and unprecedented. The COVID-19 pandemic affected everyone in different ways, and fiscal matters continue to dominate headlines and headspace across the country. When you're in the experiential marketing business with over 20 years of experience executing programs for family audiences, you can't help but muse, but what about the children?

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We would be this excited if we were to meet Peppa Pig for the first time too!
#Throwback to Slime Across America! ✌️ This 53-foot slime mobile vehicle toured the nation and featured concerts, slimings, and more. So much fun!
Last Friday, Dog Man fans highlighted their awesome illustration skills at Dav Pilkey’s appearance at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. ✏️ @ Library of Congress
Hello Bert! Hello Ernie! #Throwback to
Did you know it's National Book Month? What book are you currently reading?
Pocket.watch’s #RaceWithRyan Walmart Tour is out on the road! This eight-week tour is currently traveling across the country, complete with activties, photo ops, and more!
600+ Barnes & Noble stores around the country celebrated #DemigodDay this past Saturday. Event kits were created to highlight Rick Riordan titles - including a scavenger hunt, secret code postcard, and more!
To celebrate #WorldFitnessDay, we are throwing it back to the Kids' Choice Sports Triple Shot Challenge! Young fans were given a unique opportunity through partnerships with MLS, NFL, & NBA. Select teams hosted tryouts at their practice and gameday facilities. Check out this awesome photo from the Portland Timbers' tryout event! ⚽️