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How to Keep Your Cool Planning a Live Outdoor Event

Aug 19, 2019

Summer is definitely upon us - invoking images of beaches, pools, picnics, ice cream, lemonade, and movies under the stars. Kids are out of school, families are on vacation, and calendars are sagging under the weight of outdoor events and festivals. It’s the perfect time to be in the experiential marketing business… until that perfect balmy summer day you planned on turns out to have a heat index of 105 with 95% chance of thunderstorms. While no one can control the weather, there are some ways to beat the heat (or cold) while planning your next outdoor event.

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How Kids and Caregivers Measure Success of a Family-Friendly Event

Jul 31, 2019

Research suggests that purchases driven by millennials favor experiences over possessions which has brands turning to family friendly activations to expand their reach and loyalty. But how do you build a successful event for youth and adults? You look at some key factors through the eyes of the caregivers AND their kids. Caregivers want lear educational or emotional incentive tied into a visually appealing and interactive event delivered to them via social channels or word of mouth. Kids want cohesive storytelling during the event that offers an exciting adventure and exposure to beloved characters or brands.

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Nickelodeon Engages Influencers as Official Nick Jr. Parental Team

Jul 29, 2019

Four Instagram influencers with 80K+ followers combined, Faye Gooding, Hattie Harrison, Lorna of Mum to Messy Boys and Nigel of Not So Funny Dads, will share content creation duties for the Nick Jr. UK social channel as well as produce original content on their own sites consistent with the mega-brand’s messaging. We’ve got some heart eyes for this savvy strategy. Nickelodeon’s play to expand social reach through parent influencer relationships builds upon the successful programming model they tested by partnering with “kidfluencers” such as Jojo Siwa and Ryan Kaji from Ryan ToysReviews.

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