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5 Ways to Make Your Perennial Program Pop

FMA Live from 2010 to 2017

This decade is coming to a close, which makes the promise of a new year that much more exciting. It's time to renew, refresh, get organized and make things happen. You strive to push boundaries while remaining true to who you are. But how do you chase this goal while planning your perennial family event activations? Simple. Just keep in mind five little things.

  1. Bring Fresh Voices into Brainstorming

You've already got killer brand recognition and a loyal fan base with a successful program? Awesome. But don't get comfortable. Consider using a focus group of a targeted age to see what they think could be new and exciting. Bring a member of your field staff to the table to see what unique visions they would love to bring to life. New voices bring new perspectives, and this could seriously ignite your creative team's brainstorming sessions and ideation.

  1. Know Who You're Talking To

Audiences are fickle, especially if you're dealing with young people aged 9 and up. What was relevant 10 minutes ago may already be eliciting eye rolls, so don't plan on using the same script you had last year. Tap into current trends and make sure you know the latest vernacular when scripting for a young audience. If you aren't honest or genuine in your messaging, middle and high school consumers will let you know. This includes the look and sound of your event, so update your playlist, your wardrobe, and any marketing materials that are still set in 2019.

  1. Actively Listen

Obviously, successful campaigns involve a lot of people, from clients to staff to consumers. Regardless of the status of the individual speaking, listen. Listen to the clients and their achievement expectations. Listen to the staff on the ground detailing the successes and challenges of what they're implementing. Most importantly, listen to the consumers who should be getting the most out of your brand's experience. When you go on the road, what looked amazing in a deck may not speak to the audience you hope to engage, so if necessary, be certain you have the flexibility to modify scripts and event elements mid campaign. Study those surveys, read those recaps, and see what small adjustments could take your event from wow to WHOA!

  1. Maximize Partnerships

While you're updating your messaging, evaluate your current relationships. Does integration of new partners benefit your change in tone? Are there local community powerhouses that stand to boost your visibility and attendance? Could a co-sponsored partnership connect you more authentically to your key demographic? You don't have to compete for attention when you're in a different product category which means you'll share the success.  

  1. Broaden Your Base

Loyalty drives business, for certain, but there's always room to broaden your base. Focus in on previous activation locations and timing and analyze those demographics. Is there a community that's been underserved? High impacts can come from small towns, so look to see if there's an opportunity to add a stop or two on the road less traveled. Did your event cause a stir somewhere last year? Consider adding an extra event day so you're not missing out on expanding that reach. Does time of year drive turnout? Discuss the opportunity of launching a dual season iteration of your event to gain more attention and anticipation. Oh, and lastly? Keep looking forward. 2021 is just around the corner.

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